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 antistatic additive NPC-F

Static electricity is an electric charge that does not change with time, or an electric phenomenon accompanying such charge distribution, and refers to electricity that is stationary on an object like triboelectric electricity. There are electrons around the nucleus of an atom constituting an object, and these electrons move to another object through friction. When an external stimulus such as friction is applied to an insulator that does not conduct electricity, such as plastic or glass, some electrons are accepted or electrons are taken away depending on the object. When it receives more electrons, the object is negatively charged because it has an increased negative charge. In this process, electricity is stored little by little, and if electricity accumulates over an appropriate limit, it instantly moves with a spark when it touches an appropriate inductor.

NPC-F is an antistatic additive using conductive nano-carbon. It is a conductive nano-carbon additive with excellent heat resistance, safety, and conductivity for polymer materials such as epoxy and urethane. It is a polymer additive with excellent antistatic function.


Antistatic additive in electrical and electronic products
Applying to paint to give electrification


high electrical conductivity 
Excellent adhesion to epoxy and urethane materials 
high stability


Electronic products

- ESD protection, electronics packaging


- For floor coating, EX protection, prevention packaging material

automotive sector

- Dust-resistant, ESD-resistant, vehicle interior and air conditioning ducts


- Dust-resistant, ESD-resistant, housing and functional parts

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