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Nano carbon material field

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        High thermal conductivity polymer additive

Nanodiamond field

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No more inconvenient water-repellent, coating, and brightening agents that are used separately for painted and glass surfaces! All of this in one Nano Sukssak! at once!


Nanodiamond particles bonded to each other fill the damaged clear layer and at the same time It creates a nano-coating film to protect it from foreign substances and chemicals.


Eco-friendly products – no harmful ingredients added.

It does not harm the environment and is safe for the human body. As an eco-friendly product, there is no odor peculiar to harmful substances. Fast, reliable and convenient vehicle management Excellent water repellency and gloss effect with a simple spraying and wiping method!

Formation of nano coating film

It protects the painted surface from various contaminants such as fine dust, soot, and dirt. Protects your vehicle from contaminants and chemicals such as tar, flies, bird droppings and paint. It dries quickly and is not sticky after wiping a few times.

 Addition of high quality nanodiamonds

Protect your car with nanodiamonds that boast the highest hardness. It is a water-repellent coating agent based on high-purity nanodiamonds.

 painted surface

 glass side

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