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lubricant additive 

A spherical nanodiamond reduces friction/abrasion and improves lubrication properties.


- lubricity 
- fuel consumption rate 
- Reduce CO and Smoke Emissions  


 Evaluation of engine lubrication characteristics

[Internal Combustion Engine Performance Evaluation]

- Lubricating oil: commercial oil, NEOMOND-CA

- apply RPM : 1900

- Evaluation time: 24 hours

type of lubricant
maximum torque
fuel consumption rate
CO emissions(ppm)Smoke emissions(%)
commercial oil

⇒ About 9% increase in torque 
⇒ Reduced fuel consumption by about 10% (Improved fuel economy) 
⇒ Reduced CO and Smoke emissions

[Evaluation of friction properties]

-Experimental device: Reciprocating friction/wear testing device

-applied load : 0~250 kgf

-applyrpm : 0~6000

type of lubricant
scuffing (kg)coefficient of friction
commercial oil
NEOMOND-CAdoes not occur

⇒ Suppression of Scuffing

⇒ Coefficient of friction and wear reduction effect due to nanodiamond particles,
      12% reduction in friction coefficient & 27% reduction in wear compared to commercial days

※ Scuffing(Scuffing-adhesive wear, scoring)

As one of the gear damage phenomena, friction and heat remove metal particles from the surface during engine operation.
Occurs due to direct metal contact when proper oil film formation on the friction sliding surface is not achieved.

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