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Nanodiamond field

It has an average particle size of 50 to 80 nm, made with our own technology, and is chemically stable as well as harmless to the human body. It is a new material with the highest hardness among existing materials, and is a carbon material with various functional groups on the surface. A new material with heat resistance (heat dissipation) and abrasion resistance based on a single crystal structure. It is an eco-friendly new material harmless to the human body and has a high specific surface area due to the characteristics of nanoparticles. 


Nanodiamond dispersion and method for preparing the same (KOR)


Surface-modified nanodiamonds and surface modification method of nanodiamonds (KOR)


Nano-diamond dispersion solution and Method for preparing same (USA)


纳米金刚石分散溶液以及其制备方法 (CHN)

Nano-diamond dispersion solution and method for preparing same (EU)

Contents of patents and applications

Nano carbon material field

Nano carbon manufacturing technology
It is a synthesis method using explosives of TNT and RDX, and the composition (TNT 60%, RDX 40%) is sealed with water, ice, or inert gas in an airtight container and then explodes. It exists as a stable carbon phase (Graphite) at a low explosion temperature, but exists in the form of a liquid cluster when the pressure and temperature exceed the limits. crystals are formed. Porous nano-carbon materials are produced by explosive synthesis as a by-product for manufacturing nanodiamonds.

In the current petrochemical industry, polymerization chemical industry, electronic equipment industry, and precision machinery industry, electricity generation of plastics is causing problems such as dust absorption, reduced production efficiency, and disasters and disturbances such as fire and explosion. Antistatic additive is a functional additive that prevents contamination and explosions caused by static sparks and creates a safe environment by reducing harmful electromagnetic waves. It is an essential material for the coating, film, and resin industries. Recently, with the development of nanoparticle manufacturing and application technology, antistatic coating additives using carbon materials such as graphite, carbon black, carbon fiber, and CNT are being developed. Various uses are determined by the surface resistance, and 106 Ω/sq or more is used for antistatic purposes, 103 Ω/sq or less is used for electromagnetic shielding, and 103 Ω/sq or less is used for electrodes.

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